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"Company", "we" means FSP GLOBAL LTD., [Incorporation number BC1283189], registered in British Columbia, Canada, by Registrar of Companies in Province of British Columbia. Registered as Money Services Business with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada ('FINTRAC') under the MSB registration number M21123034. The Company is registered at 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, BC, Canada V3M6B9. • "Client", "you", "your" means the legal entity or the individual person in whose name the Account is opened, used and maintained. • "Parties" means the Company and the Client. • "Application" means an online request submitted by the legal entity or the individual to the Company through the Website or using contacts allocated on the Website. • "Services" means interface and functionality of the Website and software for the provision of payment facilities to end-users as defined in clause 2.2. hereto. • "Account" or "Client Account" means an electronic account within the Company’s software, showing payment activity and available Balance of Electronic Money, accessible by the Client after the Company's approval of the Application, where the Client may request for the Company's Services. • "Business Account" means an Account for a legal entity Client which is used for commercial purposes. • "Private Account" means an Account for an individual person Client which is used for private purposes. 1 • "Defexa Agreement" means the agreement made between the legal entity Client and the Company when opening a Client Account and requesting for other Company Services. • "KYC Procedure" stands for "Know Your Client" and means a process carried out by the Company to obtain information about the Client identity thereby ensuring that Company's services are not misused. • "Electronic Money" means both fiat and virtual currencies which are displayed in a Client Account. • "Virtual Currency" means electronically stored value in cryptocurrencies. • "Exchange Operation" means the Company Service allowing the Client to swap one currency (fiat or cryptocurrency) for another. • "Exchange Rate" means the value of one currency in the terms of another currency, shown in the Account at the moment of making an Exchange Operation. • "Website" means the Company's Website, available at https://defexa.io. • "Commission" means the fee the Company withholds for the Services provision. • "Balance" or "Account Balance" means the amount of Electronic Money available to the Client in the Account. • "Transaction" means fiat or crypto payment to/from the account. • "Transaction History" means the list of transactions you have authorized using the Account. • "Transaction Limits" means the limits imposed on volumes and amounts of Transactions the Client may initiate within its’ Account. • "Transaction Number" means a special set of numbers that identifies each Transaction. • "Statement" means a document issued by the Company to the Client that provides detailed Transaction History and designates successful and unsuccessful Transactions made and amount of fees paid by the Client during a reporting period. • "Support Service" means the activity of Company’s specialists in solving any issues within the Account or other Company's Services, under the request. • "Terms of Use" or "Contract" means these terms and conditions, published on the Website that may be amended from time to time. • "Privacy Policy" means the policy governing the processing of personal data, which is available on the Website, as may be amended from time to time. • "Cookie Policy" means the policy adopted by the Company to make the Website operational, store Client preferences, gather analytical data about Client behavior on the Website, provided Client prior consent to do so is received.